10 Ways To Get Under Deck Storage?

Utilizing the space beneath your deck offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your storage options while keeping your outdoor area clutter-free and organized. Whether you’re looking to stow away gardening tools, outdoor furniture, or seasonal items, here are ten creative and practical ways to make the most of your under deck space.

1. Built-In Cabinets or Drawers

Installing built-in cabinets or drawers is an excellent way to optimize under deck storage. Customized to fit the space, these cabinets provide ample room for storing gardening supplies, outdoor toys, or cushions. Choose weather-resistant materials like treated wood or plastic to ensure durability against the elements.

2. Roll-Out Storage Bins

Roll-out storage bins are convenient and space-efficient. These slide-out bins or drawers can be installed under the deck and are perfect for storing smaller items like tools, potting soil, or seasonal decorations. Opt for bins with wheels for easy access and mobility.

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3. Hanging Hooks and Pegboards

Maximize vertical space by installing hooks, pegboards, or hanging racks under the deck. This setup allows you to hang garden tools, hoses, and even bicycles, keeping them easily accessible while freeing up valuable floor space.

4. Under-Deck Shelving

Utilize the walls of your under deck space by adding shelving units. These shelves can accommodate a variety of items, from planters to sports equipment. Adjustable shelves offer flexibility to accommodate items of different sizes.

5. Outdoor Cabinets or Lockers

Investing in weatherproof outdoor cabinets or lockers provides secure storage for items like cushions, outdoor games, or BBQ accessories. These lockable units protect your belongings from weather elements and potential theft.

6. DIY Netting or Hammock Storage

Create a DIY netting or hammock system under your deck to store lightweight items such as pool accessories, balls, or inflatable toys. This inexpensive solution keeps items off the ground and easily visible.

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7. Raised Platform Storage

Build a raised platform or flooring system within the under deck space. This elevated surface keeps items off the ground, preventing potential water damage and allowing easy access. Use waterproof materials and incorporate drainage to prevent water accumulation.

8. Clever Use of Pots and Planters

Utilize large pots or planters to store smaller items. These can be arranged strategically under the deck, serving a dual purpose of storage and decoration. Opt for lightweight, durable options that can withstand outdoor conditions.

9. Hidden Storage Compartments

Incorporate hidden storage compartments within the deck structure itself. Utilize spaces between support beams or create hinged sections that lift to reveal concealed storage areas. This innovative approach keeps items discreetly tucked away.

10. Under-Deck Seating with Storage

Combine functionality and comfort by installing seating with built-in storage. Benches or seating units with lift-up lids provide a convenient place to sit while offering hidden storage space underneath for cushions, gardening supplies, or outdoor games.

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1. What’s the Best Material for Under Deck Storage?

  • Answer: Weather-resistant materials like treated wood, plastic, or metal are commonly used for under deck storage solutions. These materials withstand outdoor conditions and protect your items from the elements.

2. How Can I Keep Under Deck Storage Items Safe from Moisture?

  • Answer: Ensure proper ventilation and use waterproof containers or sealed storage units. Elevating items off the ground on shelves or platforms also helps prevent water damage.

3. Are Under Deck Storage Solutions DIY-Friendly?

  • Answer: Many under deck storage solutions are DIY-friendly, such as installing hooks, shelves, or creating hidden compartments. However, complex installations like built-in cabinets might require professional help.

4. What’s the Ideal Way to Prevent Pests in Under Deck Storage?

  • Answer: Seal any gaps or cracks where pests might enter. Consider using pest-repelling materials or storing items in airtight containers to deter insects or rodents.

5. Can I Convert Under Deck Space into Living or Utility Areas?

  • Answer: It’s possible to convert under deck space into additional living areas or utility spaces with proper planning and construction. Consult a professional to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes.

6. How Do I Maximize Under Deck Storage in Small Spaces?

  • Answer: Utilize vertical space with hanging racks, shelves, or netting. Opt for multifunctional furniture like seating with built-in storage or collapsible bins to maximize the use of limited space.


Transforming the under deck area into valuable storage space not only declutters your outdoor area but also enhances its functionality. Whether through customized cabinets, smart organization systems, or DIY solutions, there are numerous ways to optimize this often overlooked area. Consider your storage needs, weather conditions, and available space to select the most suitable under deck storage solution for your home.

By employing these innovative ideas, you can effectively utilize the under deck area, creating a more organized, efficient, and enjoyable outdoor living space.

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